It's not "just" irrigation. We believe that your water management system should be designed to provide the right amount of watering...a perfect balance between keeping plants healthy and keeping water and maintenance costs in check.




LMC has always recognized the critical nature of our limited water supplies, and has developed a leadership position by proactively shifting our Clients' water use from a liablity to an asset. For over 35 years, we've seen Houston at its wettest and driest, and our water management programs are designed to help you maintain a perfect balance, no matter what comes our way.

LMC Licensed Irrigators (LI-8732 & LI-13836)

Commercial Water Management Systems
Commercial Irrigation System Installation


Lawn Management Company has designed and installed thousands of irrigation systems for our clients: Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Healthcare. We know this is an investment that can literally shape your property’s value, so we offer customized state of the art smart irrigation systems.


We use the latest technology to maximize water efficiency and minimize water usage. As water becomes a more limited resource, water conservation becomes more important. Smart controllers and systems allow us to make automatic adjustments to your system multiple times per day. On site weather stations pull weather data from YOUR site, not your zip code like many others. These among many other features are available allowing you to save water, money and the environment.

Smart Systems Irrigation
Certified Backflow Testing


LMC is licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT). As a service to our clients, we perform annual backflow device inspections and handle the necessary paperwork.


In Houston, we don't have long winters, but we often dip into freezing temperatures multiple times. Even the first frost can cause damage to irrigation systems that have not been prepared for the winter. Such damage is expensive to fix and can be easily avoided with proper planning and preventive service. We monitor the weather and take necessary actions to protect your investment.

Certifications and Affiliations
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